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Reality Glitches

Updated October 23, 2017. Rewrote/re-formatted/rearranged write up. Added in a couple of glitches that had appeared in other documents I’ve written but weren’t previously included in this write up, as well as elaborating on the possible explanations for glitches. Should have done this sooner!!

So what constitutes a “Glitch in the Matrix”? A glitch is what it sounds like — when something does what it shouldn’t be able to do, when you see something behave in such a way that shouldn’t technically be possible, according to known laws of physics and reality. When the impossible is happening right before your eyes. When reality jumps, and you have missing time in between. When things appear or disappear out of nowhere………when you should be dead but are still alive.

What I’ve learned is that whatever we’ve been taught about reality isn’t accurate. Things are not what they seem to be and reality isn’t what they’re telling us it is. Scientists don’t know as much as they believe they do about what’s going on here, but they cling to their scientific laws and truths anyway, maybe because it’s comforting, or it’s truly all they have ever seen. (Sometimes their unwillingness to look at the stranger side of life and their need to keep perpetuating a worldview that’s strictly material in nature seems almost like programming. I’ve seen them referred to as “robots” in that regard who can not be reasoned with.) But if you look around at your own life, review your own history, I’m sure you can come up with a few examples of moments that defied science, where things happened that shouldn’t have been possible. Following are some good examples from my own experiences that I can think of to illustrate a “glitch in the matrix” moment, followed by theories as to what’s going on:


Things appearing or disappearing out of nowhere

Freeway onramp blockage from nowhere – November 1, 2001. I was en route to moving to Portland, Oregon, from Orange County California. Having checked out of my motel room in Bakersfield California near noon, I drove down the street to get to the 5 Freeway North on ramp. I found it, no problem, but then saw a Carl’s Jr. hamburger place. Umm! Food! So I sidetracked over to the Carl’s drive thru first, to get lunch before hitting the road. Ten minutes later I’m exiting the drive thru, back onto the road to get to the onramp. Got my hamburger, my Coke, my cat in my lap, life is good. [note: ten years later it’s safe to say, I don’t eat like this anymore. :D ] I get to where the onramp is………and now it’s closed. It’s blocked with orange road safety cones and a sign that reads “Onramp Closed.” And to top it all off, it was now freshly paved.

I just sat there in my car, in the middle of the road, mouth open, stunned. It made no sense. This was the same onramp from only ten minutes before!!! There were no construction workers to indicate where all this suddenly came from. There were no people around in general who could have even done this. And the icing on the whole deal was when I looked up to the top of the on ramp…and saw a police car just sitting there, on the shoulder of the road. Like a guard, you could say.

Confused, I drove off down the road, thinking there must be another on ramp to use.

Nope. There was only the 5 Freeway South on ramp. That was it.

I drove back to the northbound on ramp and sat there in my car in the middle of the road, frowning intensely, experiencing what was at the point, the most confusion and disbelief I’d ever felt for anything. This whole thing wasn’t right. It couldn’t be real. I frowned at the freshly paved on ramp, with nobody else around, and the cop at the top. What to do…what to do…Whatever this was, it was almost a perfect guarantee to ensure that I wouldn’t use the ramp. Because who in their right mind would drive their treasured car over wet asphalt with a flippin’ cop sitting right there? Nobody.

It’s not real, I decided. It can’t be. This is just so ridiculous and over the top, there’s no way it can be real.

And I took my foot off the brake, drove around the orange cone, over what was supposed to be fresh wet asphalt, up the ramp, past the cop, and onto the 5 north.

Nothing happened.

I didn’t feel anything weird going on with my car after driving through wet asphalt.

My heart was racing as I checked my rearview, expecting the cop strobes to start going. Nothing. The cop just sat there.

My heart rate slowed as the cop car grew smaller and smaller in my rearview. Still frowning, I slowly began to eat my hamburger and “recover” from the incident. All I could do, like most things, was just put it aside. Move forward. Not obsess over it. Answers would come, I was sure. Eventually.

In retrospect, I realize now that of course I could have gotten on the 5 south, and turned around at the next exit to go back north. But I was just so confused over wet pavement and orange cones and cop cars appearing from nowhere within ten minutes’ time that I couldn’t think clearly. There’s just no stopping me though when I want to do something, and so off I went, despite it all. And lo and behold, there was no damage to my car, and the cop didn’t come after me. Because there was no wet pavement, and there was no cop. In my opinion. But what was actually happening here, I don’t know.

Again, people may theorize “hallucinations,” but that’s not how hallucinations work. This whole time period starting in spring of 2000 when I moved into “The Vortex” and continuing through all of 2001 and into 2002 was when my timeline took the biggest turn imaginable, setting me on an entirely new course in life due to a huge spike in awareness/knowledge and which led to everything that would come after. So when I look back on it all it’s kind of no surprise that my everyday life was interspersed with such weirdness like this particular incident.


“The pen from nowhere” – February 2002. It was the final week at my temp job up in Portland, and several of my coworkers who liked me had suggested that I should apply to work for the company permanently. For kicks, I went to the HR department to get an application even though I was planning to move to Florida. In the elevator ride back up to the office I stood there against the right wall, holding the application, wondering “What exactly am I doing here? Am I going to stay in Portland and use my money to get an apartment downtown somewhere? Or am I going to move to Florida? Should I fill this out or not? I mean seriously, what am I doing here??”

And right then as the elevator stopped to let a guy out, a silver Cross brand pen slid across the elevator floor, spinning with force and coming to a stop right at my feet, perfectly.

I looked down at the pen at my feet, my eyes wide.

I looked behind me, from where it came – the back left corner of the elevator.

Nobody was standing there. The only other person in the elevator was a woman standing against the opposite wall. She too looked at the back corner, wide eyed with disbelief. It was she who said, “It’s the pen from nowhere!”

I bent down and picked it up, like, Huh…will you look at that. I’m standing here contemplating whether to fill out this application, and something tosses a pen at me, landing at my feet. It was such a government agent “Them” pen too. Heavy weight, smooth silver Cross brand pen. And on a side note…the exact kind of pen my dad always liked when I was growing up. :/ That can’t be a coincidence.

I debated about the meaning of this unbelievable coincidence. Either “They” want me to fill out the app and go for the job and stay in Portland…because it’s actually bad for me – so, sabotage – or, this really is a sign from something good that I should stay here and forfeit the Florida idea.

I decided to go to Florida, which allowed Tom (“Montalk”) and I to come together, and the rest is history in terms of what the both of us would go on to accomplish both individually as well as together. So I’m very glad I did. Portland would have been a dead end Venus Flytrap. As I now know, positive forces don’t work by generating artificial synchronicities, like full on tossing pens at you in an elevator. Plain and simple. If it’s a farfetched artificial synch…then it ain’t good. Move on.


The Oregon Trail Map, end of 2001. Sometime towards the end of 2001 while roommating with my brother Joe in Portland, I decided on a whim to take a road trip out to Astoria. I admit that the primary reason I know of Astoria is because of one of my childhood favorite movies, “The Goonies.” :D Just thought it would be cool to see the town and get a glimpse of the Oregon coast. The day was cloudy and the temps were probably in the 40s, as I headed west on Route 30. It’s about 100 miles each way. The trip itself was easy and non-eventful.

While driving around downtown Astoria I saw the historical society building/museum, and thought that would be interesting to check out. (I like historical stuff.) I felt a tug to go in, so parked my car. The general theme of the museum was the Oregon Trail pioneers who arrived and settled the region, including clothes, dishes, pots and pans, letters/diaries, and other personal belongings on display from actual pioneers. The woman working there explained that Astoria was often the end of the line for many of the pioneers. I’ve always found the whole Oregon Trail and pioneers thing interesting and can completely relate to the pioneer energy – exploration, daring risks and adventure, freedom, independence, heading out into unknown territory in search of a better life and opportunity. That’s been me in this life too, it’s the same energy. So for me it was an interesting thing to do during my visit.

Flash forward to the next morning back in the apartment when I awoke and sat up in my bed.…and realized there was something folded at the foot of my mattress. Curious, I reached for it and saw that it was a National Geographic map. It was in brand new/mint condition, but the magazine itself that it came from was nowhere to be found. Just the map. Opening up the map I saw that it outlined all the major trails and routes that the pioneers took to get west, showing how several of them ended in Astoria. I felt flabbergasted about this, weirded out and yet intrigued by the map at the same time. I sat there pouring over it, looking at all the trail routes and reading the informative text along the sides. The map indicated that Route 30, which is the main road going to Astoria, is in many parts located directly on top of the original Oregon Trail. Had no idea about that as I drove on Route 30 the day before. I no longer have this map, as it was lost during my move between Portland to Florida, but when I researched it online years later I saw that the map was called “Western Migration,” and was dated September 2000.

How did this map get here?? I didn’t buy or get anything while in Astoria the day before, let alone a map from a National Geographic magazine.

As soon as my brother was up I questioned him about this map, thinking it had to have come from him. Because who else would this have come from?? He frowned at me and seemed annoyed at the accusation, denying it. I had to believe him because there were no National Geographics in the small apartment, I’d never seen my brother reading one at any point, nor making mention of them. So there was no established connection between him and anything to do with NG. Besides, even if it did come from him then how would he have even known about the existence of this map published over a year before, then gotten his hands on one, and done it so quickly, within only 12 hours of me returning from my – completely spontaneous – trip?? And especially since “thoughtful and spontaneous gifts” were NOT my brother’s way of being, AT all. Prior to leaving the day before all I’d told him was that I was heading out on a small trip to Astoria to check it out. To which his response was basically Whatever, hardly paying attention, nor caring. I wasn’t thinking anything about the “Oregon Trail,” nor the pioneers as I told him where I was going on my way out the door. It wasn’t until I – spontaneously – visited the historical museum did I even start thinking about any of that.

So basically this Oregon Trail pioneers map appeared out of nowhere at the foot of my bed the morning after I’d made an unplanned road trip out to Astoria on route 30, which is on top of the old Oregon Trail, and then visited the historical society museum full of pioneer memorabilia. O.o What this means I have no clue.

For several reasons (one of which being the strong and nagging childhood recognition of the word “Astoria” [prior to The Goonies] ) I’ve wondered whether I have some sort of past life connection to the Oregon Trail. If I do then I don’t think I made it to the end. Probably got sick and died, or starved to death along the way. (and I definitely have a particular childhood indicator that the latter happened in at least one past life, for sure.) So I’ve theorized that my brief and totally unexpected side track up into Oregon for that four month time period in late 2001, and the desire to go so far out of my way to Astoria, driving on top of what was literally the old Oregon Trail, has something to do with “tying up past life loose ends.” Maybe symbolically completing a journey I didn’t get to the first time around, I don’t know. I’ve heard/read that this entire time period in general is an opportunity for souls to complete any unfinished business you could say, because there won’t be the opportunity to do so here in the future. O.o So squeeze in whatever you can, tie up your loose ends, and do your best to finally learn and figure out the lessons you’re supposed to. (Really….it’s not that hard…..most just choose to pretend they can’t figure it out because deep down it’s fun for them to “have” to keep coming back to physicality, because they’re addicted to it. But I digress.)


The incense stick – sometime in 2000. Extremely small incident that happened smack in the middle of the entire “Vortex” debacle, and which I left out of that write up because it was so inconsequential as compared to all the other spectacular supernatural occurrences that were taking place. But I’ll throw it in here, why not. But one night I lit an incense stick and stuck it in the holder as usual, then went back about my business. After about ten minutes I realized I didn’t smell any incense……..went back over to my then waterbed headboard where the incense holder was kept to check on it. And saw that the incense was completely gone. Some may say, Oh, you just imagined lighting it or something. Nope. I lit it, it was there, then….it wasn’t. It’s the only time that happened, but it was again smack in the middle of all kinds of crazy paranormal nuttiness in that apartment. So I guess it doesn’t surprise me. Where it went though, I always wonder. Another dimension? ;D


Strange people disappearances

During the time period when my brother and I were roommating together in the apartment that I would later nickname ‘The Vortex’ in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA some strange things began happening with my reality outside of the apartment as well. One morning while I was walking along the sidewalk at the plaza located at the lake in Rancho an older woman called out to me, “I made a new year’s resolution to bend over 50 times a day!” with a big chipper grin. Talk about totally random. She was about ten feet from me, standing between two cars in the parking lot. Nobody else was around, just us two, so her comment was definitely directed towards me. I glanced away for a second, thinking “ohhhkaaaayyyyy….” Then glanced back. Now she was gone. But there wasn’t enough time for her to have gone anywhere. She just….disappeared into thin air, poof. We’ll be returning to this at the end of this piece.

Then another time at the Carl’s Jr. in the same plaza at the lake I was sitting in a booth eating lunch when a guy walked down the aisle to my right. As he approached his eyes were locked on me with a strange grin, and I just sat there, feeling weirded out. He passed by me, and was now behind me. Normally I would have turned around to watch him walking past, to see more since it was all a little strange. But this time I had this weird “knowing” that if I turned around, he wouldn’t be there. And I wouldn’t be able to handle something like that. So don’t look. And…..I didn’t. (Note: I’ve had other encounters with weird strangers, mentioned both in my e-book “Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual,” and in my book, “Chasing Phantoms,” including another incident at a Carl’s. But I’ve never had an incident where I had some strange knowing/intuition that somebody wasn’t actually there, so don’t turn around and look back. That was the only time that’s happened.)

Some reading this may conclude (understandably) that these incidents indicate an issue with um….hallucinations. O.o But I’ve never experienced visual hallucinations, either before or since. It’s not my norm. To have a problem with hallucinations indicates an issue with the brain, and something like that doesn’t just start and stop abruptly during a small window time period of your life. Brain problems are forever, until treated or managed. In looking at everything surrounding these incidents one soon realizes that they “coincidentally” occurred during the year of paranormal nuttiness that was my time spent living in “The Vortex.” (Besides the two incidents mentioned here there was other strangeness happening alongside the paranormal manifestations during this time period, which I mention in “The Vortex” if the reader is interested.)

In looking at both of these incidents I can see why the Carl’s Jr. disappearing guy would have been more than I could mentally handle, as opposed to the incident with the woman outside in the parking lot. A guy walking down a small aisle, inside, would have nowhere else to go in the two seconds it would have taken me to turn my head around. There would have been no denying what was happening. Meanwhile, there would have been all these other people/witnesses around that I would have also had to contend with in terms of “Did they even see this guy?? Did they notice him just disappearing??” It would have been a big mess. Versus the outside incident, where she’s not boxed in by walls, nobody else was around to witness, and I happened to glance away and back for a second. i.e……there where there’s “room for doubt.” “Maybe when I glanced away for a second she just took off like a bat outta hell or something, I don’t know, or hid behind a car, or instantly (and silently) jumped into a car without any slamming door noise…..or…..or…..” (insert whatever cockamamie explanation.)

But bottom line, the woman in the first incident simply didn’t have enough time to do any of those things in the second it took for me to glance away and look back. So I know that it is what it seems to be. And I believe it’s precisely because I had the “urge” to glance away for a second that it was even able to happen. Almost like “reality” doesn’t let you witness the exact moment something truly appears/disappears into or out of thin air. Or for that to even happen you literally can’t be able to directly observe. A point I’ll be returning to at the end of this piece.


Reality doing the impossible

91 Freeway incident – March or April 2000 / Highway incident as a baby. (Not sure on the date because at that time I wasn’t keeping a log of events like I do now.) But back in early 2000 I was riding passenger in a car driven by my brother. We were heading south on the 5 freeway from L.A. back into Orange County, where we lived at the time. We got to where the junction of the 91 freeway was, on the left side of the road. Because of the construction work, there was a concrete barrier separating the onramp of the 91 from the rest of the 5. My brother had been spacing out at the wheel, and by the time he noticed that the road forked and that there was the end of a concrete barrier point right in front of the car – which by the way was going 70 miles per hour – it was too late.

Or was it?

I’m still here, writing this. So what happened?

The concrete barrier was several feet in front of the hood of the car. It was happening so fast I didn’t even have time to emotionally react and have an adrenaline rush. But I remember my eyes focusing on the pointed barrier straight in front of the hood, and then my eyes getting wide with surprise. It was so close, I can still see it in my mind, right there. And then next thing we know, the car slid sideways back onto the 5 freeway, and that was that. We were traveling south again on the 5, smooth and effortlessly, as if nothing had happened. It was a technically impossible feat, being that the barrier was right there in front of the car. There was no time to jerk the car over, and even if my brother had tried to do that, we would have flipped being that we were going at least 70 mph. It would have been a hell of job gaining control over the car again, especially 1980’s model Nissan Sentra, which is high off the ground and not a lowered “road hugger.”

I sat there, too stunned to say anything. It had all happened so fast I still hadn’t comprehended what just happened. Or almost happened. Then it began sinking in, and I glanced bug eyed over at my brother who looked back at me, equally as bug eyed. Neither of us said a word. Not then, nor for the entire ride home, or for several months after the fact. We just didn’t talk about it. Several months later I broached the subject finally and his reaction was the same as mine — something bizarre had indeed happened, but who was responsible and how it all worked was beyond us. He didn’t want to talk about it, and we dropped the subject.

In 2002 when I was relaying this story to my dad on the phone I learned that pretty much the exact same thing happened when I was a baby, only this time when my dad was driving the car. Apparently when I was a baby we had been visiting my grandma back when she was living in North Carolina, and were making the drive back home to New York, late at night. (We lived in New York until I was about two months old.) My dad was driving, going about 80, with my mom in the front passenger seat, and me in my car seat in the back. My dad was tired and spacing out…..and realized too late that he was about to miss the highway interchange that he needed to be on. Made a poor judgment call and jerked the wheel over to try to get on the other highway, but it was too late and he was aimed right at the median that separated the two highways.

Next thing he knows the scene jumped ahead, from being about to hit the median, to traveling along on the other highway, with no in-between. Now they were on the correct highway, and everything’s fine. My dad then heard a voice/thought form say, “Don’t worry….everything’s going to be okay…” which made them both relax. My mom immediately dozed off. And they never talked about this incident with each other. Ever. Almost the same exact way Joe and I didn’t want to talk about it either when the same thing happened to us. So this was the first time he was talking outloud about this incident to anybody in 27 years.


Impossibly timed bicycle man. This was about 1999 or so – back when I didn’t log things – and I commuted from Rancho Santa Margarita (California) to Irvine, to my job as a receptionist for a company located in the Newport Gateway Towers on MacArthur Boulevard. I took the 241 toll road, exiting at Jeffrey Road, which eventually turned into University Drive. And it’s at this exact point in the road, when Jeffrey makes a right hand curve becoming University, that I began to experience my daily morning glitch in the matrix. (I had to Map Quest this sucker because by this point in 2008 I couldn’t remember what the road names were. :D It’s nine years and three states later. But as soon as I saw the map I remembered and was able to retrace my old route.)

At that point in the road, where it makes a sweeping curve, I began noticing that there would be an old man on the right shoulder of the road riding this three wheeled bike, the kind where you sit low to the ground with your legs outstretched, the pedals positioned in front of you, versus below you as with a standard two wheel bike. There he was one sunny morning shortly before 8 a.m. as I hit that portion of the road with the early sun coming up over the apartments and shopping plazas that lined University Drive.

And there he was again the next day in the same exact spot on the curve of the road, peddling along.

And the next day. In the same exact spot on the curve. And the next. And the next. And the next.

No matter what random time I hit that part of the curve in the road, it could be say, 7:48 a.m., 7:55, 7:37, 7:43, it didn’t matter…….he was always there in the same exact spot peddling that three wheel bike. Never any further ahead or behind in the road. Which is completely impossible.

Eventually even I had to notice this after a bit, and I was pretty oblivious and asleep at the wheel at the time. It did weird me out, no doubt, I’d get a look like O.o on my face everytime I’d see him there, like, What the hell?!?

I don’t remember what ever happened with it all though. As suddenly as he started appearing there one day he must have just stopped. Again I unfortunately didn’t log stuff back then and didn’t pay attention, I was drifting along in this half asleep daze. I really wish I had paid more attention though…


The car mishap that never was – early 1995. In early 1995 (January or February) there’s yet another glitch involving a car I was driving. I was 20, and heading up to Buena Park at night to go hang out with my friend Gary. And because it was night, and because some of the streets in that area of urban north Orange County weren’t well lit, and because I sometimes drove like an idiot back then :D I remember apparently negotiating a turn incorrectly, and driving my car (a Nissan Sentra) straight onto a median. I clearly remember the sound of the tires hitting the median curb…..and seeing my car actually going up into the air. The whole thing was shocking, a major “whoops.” But I don’t remember the seconds after my car would have landed back down on the ground again. (slammed, would be more like it, considering how fast I hit and how high up the car flew.) Or even where I even landed. Was I on the road? On the median? Half on the road and on the median?? My car should have been toast after that, with popped tires and a messed up front end, especially considering how much air it caught.

But after that things get fuzzy. Again, there’s no recollection of landing, and the seconds after that. Things just sort of……jump ahead to where I’m driving down the street, in a fully functioning car, and then arriving at Gary’s house, feeling in a shocked daze. And then being in his room, hanging out, feeling like the whole thing was this hazy, fuzzy far away incident that I couldn’t even be sure was really real. So I remember sitting in his room wondering to myself, Did that really happen?? I was so numbed and shocked and yet unsure of the whole thing that I didn’t even mention it to him. I was too embarrassed, both at my clutzy driving, and for the fact that I didn’t know what happened afterwards. My car after that had zero indications of ever having rammed into a median and flying up into the air and crashing back down again. It’s like it never happened.


So, those are some of the more interesting examples of glitches worthy of sharing that perfectly illustrate this phenomena. And none of it’s really surprising I guess, when you pool everything on my site together and take a step back to look at it. Combining together “Chasing Phantoms” with “Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual” and “The Vortex,” along with the write ups about synchronicities, parallel timelines, deja vus and everything else, then it’s just one more facet of the interlinked weirdness. It would actually be my goal to one day put together a condensed “grand unified theory” of some sort where I show how all these seemingly separate phenomena tie together.

So what causes a “glitch” ? Who’s behind it, and how does it happen?

It depends on the type of glitch, because like synchronicities, they’re not all created equal. Which is why when you log stuff you can then sit back and determine the different categories they may fall under. Some glitches may be a straight up malfunction within reality….whatever reality actually is. Some may be the by-product of the way in which we’re interfacing with reality, much in the same way synchronicities can operate. When I had that realization that it seems like we’re not “allowed” to actually witness the moment an object disappears or reappears out of nowhere it clicked that it seems to tie into the whole quantum physics “wave vs. particle” theory, where something only “exists” and is solidified as an actual particle when you’re looking at it. i.e…..when you’re validating its existence. Which ties into how synchronicities seem to function. (See my Synchronicities write up for more on this.) When you don’t look at something then it reverts back to waves….its existence in flux. Options become open ended and anything is possible.

Others glitches seem to have an intelligent force driving them trying to accomplish something, whether benign and/or intervening to undo some mishap or freewill violation, or trickster/malevolent/manipulative. The source of which depends on what your belief system is. God. Aliens. Your Higher Self. Angels. Hyperdimensional behind-the-scenes manipulators. Spirit guides. Jesus. Whatever works for you.

But whatever it is, whether a malfunctioning of reality, the unintended by-product of how our minds are interfacing with reality, or an actual intelligent force with a purpose/agenda, no doubt it proves that there is more to reality than they’d have us believe. So the implications of glitches are huge. Sometimes all it takes is one big glitchy moment to turn someone around 180 degrees from being an apathetic non-believer in metaphysics/spirituality to having total knowing.

The more I’ve talked to people, either in person, or via the internet, the more stories I’ve heard about this sort of thing. It seems many people have a story or two. Many aren’t willing to talk about it though, for several reasons. The major one being that many people surrounding us in life seem to act as “sheep herders” if you will, keeping those around them in line with the “correct” way of thinking. And let’s face it, this subject definitely isn’t the “correct” way to think. ;) So people talking about this sort of thing may be met with attitudes of disapproval, complete disinterest/apathy/boredom, or even kneejerk skepticism that dismisses it with a wave of the hand. “You’re somehow mistaken in what you think happened. There’s a rational, logical explanation for everything.” The majority seem either uncomfortable thinking about these subjects, uninterested, or downright unwilling to hear it – to where you have to wonder what’s going on there. I myself have always been a curious and questioning mind, unconsciously searching for something without realizing that I was. And so years back when living in boring, soulless Orange County California I was desperate to encounter anybody who could say something weird, unusual or thought provoking. Anything but this boring soulless humdrum that drones on and on, day in and day out! There has to be more to life than just this! That was my mindset, anyway. But as I’ve discovered, many don’t share it. Consequently, there’s no outlet for many people to talk about their experiences, nobody to have a really in-depth juicy discussion with about it all. And so eventually it maybe gets shoved aside, denied, forgotten.

If you’re reading this and remembering your own random weird glitch moments that have been shoved aside for a long time, then why not stop, right now, and go write it all down or type it up on the computer? (Do what I didn’t do back then but should have.) Even if you only have one or two experiences…that’s fine, it’s absolutely something worth documenting and reflecting on. Write everything you can surrounding the incident(s), all the details you can remember, what was happening before, during and after, who was involved, what the weather was like, any other related weirdness connected to it, and so on, then stop and really ponder the implications of it all. Even if the implications are pointing to something REEEALLY far out there…just go with it. The trick is to listen to what your experiences are telling you about reality…not what mainstream science and the “real” world are telling you. The skeptics and mainstream world are irrelevant — they’re out there operating in full force, trying to debunk everything and everyone using “provable science.” I know, I used to date one of them. !! But ultimately, your life is your proof. The events that happen to you are your proof. That’s all that you need, along with an open mind, level-headed mindset, some intuition and discernment.

Like all the “weird” topics, it’s important to not get obsessive about things. Paying attention and documenting is good — but obsessively going in circles is not. Problems arise for many when they can’t get definitive answers as to the who, where, how and why of it all. Let’s face it — we may never get the full story. Some things may be too mind-blowing for us to fully accept and comprehend. So if you’ve experienced glitches that show reality is a little stranger than you thought, and feel like you’re going batty from lack of answers, then just relax. It was an event that occurred which showed you that there’s something more going on here. Make whatever deductions you can based on the knowledge that you currently have, intend that you’ll receive more information and answers, and then just put it on the back burner. More information or corroboration may come in at a later date, someone may cross your path who has the next piece of the puzzle, answers will come. They usually do. Definitely be patient. I’ve sometimes had to wait several years to find corroboration or the next piece of the puzzle in regards to something, but it did come around eventually. And it usually happened when I was “ready.” Sometimes we think we’re ready, but we’re actually not, we’re still missing some key in-between pieces, still have to go through a few more things that will better prepare us.



Tell Me Your Glitch in the Matrix Stories from My boyfriend Tom brought this to my attention. Includes a wide variety of glitchy and woo-woo stories, and hefty doses of humorous comments as well that’ll make you laugh out loud. Though same as the ATS thread mentioned below, I think some of the accounts can be chalked up to faulty memories.

*Ever Had a Miraculous Escape or Experienced a Timeslip?* From Above Top Secret. Another message board thread where everybody pooled their anomalous woo-woo glitchy reality moments, bought to my attention by a reader in an email. In this case, the person who started the ATS thread was trying to generate a theory that these “should have been dead but I’m still here” glitches coincide with timeslips, and that it’s possible that people are switching timelines/universes, dying in one but moving into another. I don’t necessarily buy that theory, but I do believe in parallel timelines, and do believe in reality glitches, and have plenty of my my own “should be dead but I’m still alive” moments, discussed in my (free) e-book, Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual. So even though I’m not really on board with the tentative theory/conclusions trying to be generated in this thread I still dig the fact that so many other people have had similar experiences to my own, and that they were noticing some possible patterns in the chaos. (Though I definitely think some of the people’s accounts can be chalked up to faulty memories.) When people come forward and collectively pool their stuff like this it really gets the wheels turning and helps to put more pieces of the puzzle together.

Of Things that Go Bump in the Night…and Other Mysterious Anomalies From the Mysterical Coherance Indicators blog, concerning one man’s adventures with disappearing and reappearing objects and other related random anomalies. Some of the comments are just as interesting and insightful, concerning readers’ own personal experiences. (I chimed in there too. :D )

Philip K. Dick reveals the existence of the ‘matrix’ back in 1977. YouTube vid of speech that Philip K. Dick gave making mention of a false/manipulated reality back in 1977.

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