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Paranormal and anomalous happenings, reality glitches, number sightings, ear tones, deja vus, synchronicities, parallel timelines and timeline manipulation, military/alien abductions and mind control, dimensional bleed throughs, and more…



Welcome to my corner of the web, designed for those who have “a foot in both doors.” If you’re somebody who’s detaching from the herd and going in a different direction, someone who considers themselves to be an abductee, or someone with psychic abilities and unusual happenings, then it can often feel like you’re living “in two worlds” as you simultaneously navigate your way through the every day “real” world.

When you’re dealing with phenomenon such as number sightings, deja vus, synchs, the nature of reality, abductions/anomalous markings, and so on, there isn’t necessarily one set answer for what these things mean. Which means this isn’t a website that claims to have it all figured out, where people go to get definitive, authoritarian answers. These things can mean different things for different people. This is a website offering up theories, ideally intended as a starting point to get you thinking, to inspire you to look a little closer at your own reality and question things more….and draw your own conclusions based on what your own experiences are telling you. If nothing else, at least it’s a place that confirms that there are others out there experiencing something similar.

Many of these write ups were initially written years ago, but contain “add-ons” (and sometimes complete re-writes) as I learn more and new ideas/theories come in. So there is an attempt to keep things up to date in terms of where I am knowledge-wise. For that reason the tone in many instances may be different from who I am now. (the difference between being in one’s 20’s, versus 40’s. !!) So that’s something to keep in mind when reading, that things are always changing and evolving.

The other important thing to keep in mind is that I only write about what I know. I’ve heard from various readers over the years who are under some seriously mistaken assumptions about where I’m coming from and why I’ve put this site together. But this isn’t a blog, or a site designed to generate money. Or in other words….the types of web presences one often sees on the ‘net, whose goal is to churn out material on a regular basis (many times redundant) in order to keep those clicks and revenue rolling in, make a name for themselves, find sponsorship of some sort, who knows. Here it’s about quality, not quantity. Everything is free for that reason, all my write ups try to be as thorough and helpful as possible, and my philosophy is, if it’s a subject I know nothing about from personal first hand experience then I’m not going to write about it. Which also means, there’s only going to be so many write ups, because a person can only have so much happening to them. Life at this point has drastically calmed down in terms of the various phenomenon that were manifesting in my reality years ago. (Showing that the techniques I’ve stumbled onto through trial and error, and which formulate the basis of most of my write ups, truly do work to get “stuff” to back off!) So there isn’t a whole lot to say at this point that hasn’t already been said. But, in the event new things happen I will be sure to write about them. It’s becoming increasingly more rare as the years go by to find ‘net based write ups that drill down as far as possible on a topic, the way I (try to) do. Smart phones/technology have gotten people used to being constantly bombarded all day long with sound bites, memes and short clips of information, leaving no time for actual absorption, and no attention span to linger longer than a few seconds to a few minutes on any one thing they come across on the ‘net. Now, even ten minute YouTube vids are seen as “TOO LONG!” and hence, the introduction of TikTok, where everybody gets only a minute and a half. :/ But this isn’t a site catering to the modern mindset of viral vids, meme speak and keeping everything simplistic in order to maintain shortened attention spans.

Lastly, I’m also not a metaphysical counselor. But people have definitely had that misunderstanding about me as well, especially if they discovered me via a round table discussion video posted on YouTube, where sometimes I’ve been featured alongside other female writers and investigators who work as counselors. But as readers will notice, there’s no advertisements of such on my website. Only informative articles.

(It’s been brought to my attention that some people’s Google/Gmail accounts are blocking my email/Protonmail, so they don’t receive my responses. I’ve had to resort to using my old Yahoo email for those people. So take note if you have Gmail. Gmail and Hotmail are both notorious for hyper blocking other emails, to the point where they don’t even go into Spam. They just never arrive, period.)

And just a note that Conti is not my real legal last name. Some readers are under the mistaken assumption that I’m writing under my real legal name, and have commended me for “putting myself out there” the way I have, which is not the case. Conti is a name from within my recent ancestry though. I thought it went well with my first name when searching for an alternate last name source, and so here we are. I don’t write under my real name for several obvious reasons however, a big one being that I discuss the life and times of my biological relatives who are the perfect illustration for various things I discuss on this site, including MILABS/mind control/abductions. But the only way I can mention them is by writing under a pseudonym. But I do admire the abduction/mind control authors who are actually writing under their real legal last names. This also means that any “carissa conti’s” that you see on the ‘net writing in other places, or posting on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., are not me, since I only write for this site. [UPDATE: I did just join Gab as Carissa_Conti, in January 2021. Supposedly the completely independently run, free speech equivalent of Twitter, and who don’t answer to Silicon Valley Big Tech, which I love. I never wanted any part of Twitter (or Facebook) for obvious reasons. But we’ll see how Gab goes.]


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